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Expert Witness Qualifications

Experience in the field, education and training are only a piece of what makes for informed judgments when performing as EXPERT WITNESS.

Appraisals are written or oral reports which communicate value.  They must be understood by all and therefore need to be uniform in basis.  It is the appraiser’s professional responsibility to use valuation terminology that is legally acceptable and commonly interpreted.

Learning a strict code of ethics in performing professional services is not all an appraiser can rely upon.  She must import that code of ethics and apply that understanding to the particular facts and circumstances of each situation in the context of her experience and training.
There is neither an organization nor a law that can truly measure the propriety of professional conduct and Claudia G. Miller has recorded success in the court systems in the Midwest and Southern regions of the U.S.   Her personal history evokes confidence in performance through integrity, personal ethics, professional rigor and accord with the highest individual principles.