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CLAUDIA G. MILLER Nationwide Independent Appraiser
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Claudia G. Miller, dba "The Antiques Appraiser" commenced appraising after a career in the auction and liquidation business.

Claudia traveled nationwide beginning in 1969 working in her family’s auction company pioneering the hotel contents liquidation industry and had her Ohio Auctioneers license for seventeen years.

“Clients contacted the office on a frequent basis wanting to know what their collections were worth and did not want to sell anything,” says Mrs. Miller.  “I saw the need to give the general public knowledge and value of their personal property without the pressure of working with a dealer and began just appraising in 1986,” she adds.

The family has continued on in the liquidation business and currently operates under the name International Content Liquidations, Inc. headed by brother Frank Long. Over the years Claudia has been contracted by ICL to appraise the contents of hotels, hospitals and commercial operations nationwide when they are changing hands, renovating or being demolished.

“The appraisal profession grew after the savings and loan scandals of the 1980’s and catapulted into popularity with the craze of “The Antiques Roadshow.” When I started the business in 1986 people used to ask me all the time, do you make a living at just appraising?” She informs.

“Auctioneers and dealers were the appraisers of my father’s generation but those industries are different animals than they were in the 60’s and 70’s when dealers were the saving grace of the auctioneer.  Now, the dealer cannot compete with the entertainment and prestige factors of an auction event and they certainly don’t have time to sit and wait all day hoping to get a deal,” Educates Claudia.

When hiring a professional appraiser you should not expect them to buy from or sell for you because that is a conflict of interest.  When you hire Claudia, you are getting the best valuation expert in the profession because she brings education, knowledge of different markets, experience, credentials from the most prestigious appraisal organizations in the country and a solid reputation from decades of satisfied clients.