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“There isn’t anything I can’t appraise” says Claudia, “some appraisers specialize in one category but my expertise is in detecting good, better, best and superior for any collection.  Connoisseurs are used when essential to identifying characteristics and elements of exacting importance but the formula of due diligence is mechanical” she explains.

When hiring Claudia Miller, an accredited appraiser, you are assured the most trained, knowledgeable and experienced authority in the profession. Current standards and practices are taught and tested using the USPAP Uniform Standards Principles of Appraisal Practice as regulated by the Appraisal Foundation of America.

Personal property is tangible, movable property that is utilitarian, collectible, decorative, or a combination of the three.  As a personal property appraiser Mrs. Miller has the specialized knowledge achieved through academic study and practical experience to competently render appraisals for specific purposes, such as:

Sales Consulting
Estate tax
Dissolution of marriage
Equitable distribution
Expert Witnessing